Broc Webster is a Sydney based emerging artist who works primarily with large format film photography, oil, and digital painting. Drawing upon the inherent historicity associated with museology, Broc stages tableaus that possess a constrained space reminiscent of habitat dioramas of the early 20th century to create scenes that are displaced from reality and frozen in time. A thematic presence of temporality underlies his work, with particular attention given to the burden the contemplation of mortality places upon the mind. Through an exploration into alternate theories of time and eternality, Broc wishes to offer potentiality for reality to exist beyond cognitive reason, and through his practice he seeks to build transcendental awareness.


  2014 - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours (class 1 and University Medal)
  2011 - Advanced Diploma of Fine Arts

Selected Exhibitions

  2016 - You Are Invited, Watters Gallery
  2015 - Hatched National Graduate Exhibition, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
  2015 - YAI, .M Contemporary
  2014 - New Contemporary Acquisitions, Wollongong Art Gallery
  2014 - Annual 14, UNSW galleries
  2014 - Refining, Kudos Gallery
  2013 - COFA Annual, College of Fine Arts
  2012 - Local Current, Wollongong Art Gallery
  2011 - New Photography, Gallery 5
  2010 - Advanced Diploma Show, Project Contemporary Artspace
  2009 - Channel, Project Contemporary Artspace
  2008 - Mt Kembla Mining Heritage Festival, Mt Kembla Town Hall
  2008 - Advanced Diploma Show, Project Contemporary Artspace
  2007 - Figuratively Speaking, Project Contemporary Artspace
  2006 - Ten Tempers, Project Contemporary Artspace


  Wollongong Art Gallery
  Various private Australian collections


  2015 - (Highly Commended) Dr Harold Schenberg bequest, National Graduate Exhibition
  2014 - University Medal for Fine Arts, UNSW
  2014 - Jenny Birt Award
  2014 - Dean's List, UNSW Art & Design
  2014 - (Finalist) Fisher's Ghost Award
  2013 - Artscene and Chroma Award
  2012 - Dean's List, UNSW COFA
  2011 - (Finalist) Noel Chettle Memorial Art Prize

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